• Single shaft shredder for Plastic recycling
    Single shaft shredder for Plastic recycling

Harden design and manufactures low-speed, high-torque industrial shredders and completed size reduction systems for variety solid waste. We specialize in manufacturing single-shaft shredders, two-shaft shredders and four-shaft shredders that are built to handle a variety of applications. These applications include-but are not limited to Plastic wastes, product destruction, marine solid waste shredder, glass bottle crushers, food wastes shredder etc.No matter you require a smaller shredder for on-site processing or you require a large shredder for off-site processing , Harden can design an effective, high-performance shredder or shredding system to handle the job.

Harden carries on an unrelenting research on innovation to improve shredding technology; It is our passion. We invite you to profit from this growing wealth of knowledge and experience by specifying a solution to your next challenge-Just shred it!


Please select the market sector

Municipal waste disposal
Sorting, shredding system for MSW, Food, market and kitchen waste disposal
Plastics shredder
Recycling all kinds of plastics: plastic lump, plastic drums, plastic pipes, plastic films etc
Product destruction
Shredding the fakes designers, damaged, outdated products like: clothing, handbags, shoes, simulated guns, soda and sauce cans etc.
Glass waste recycling
shredding recycling car windshield, computer screen, glass bottles etc
Food waste
Shredding all kinds of food wastes: vegetables, fruits, outdate meats, bones etc
RDF, renewable energy
Renewable energy. Shredding and recycling system for RDF and biomass waste
Paper mill waste
Recycling plant of paper mill waste (ragger wires). Shredding and classifying system
Fiber glass recycling
Recycling fiber glass products and glass fiber scraps
Marine solid waste management
Shredding all kinds of solid waste on board: cardboard, plastic bottles, paper, food waste, glass bottles