Food waste shredder

Harden Industries Ltd has develop shredder for disposal food waste, our shredder can combine with other fermentation plants.   Shedder  machine is  in one of  the process where took food wastes materials like fruits, vegetables,  general waste food, animals cutting bones etc. in  small pieces, and after that mix with animal manure into the   fermenter tank to generate biogas, our shredder are use good material for sure long   time   running even under harsh conditions.

Shredding food waste:


Shredding watermelon:

Shredding food waste 1:


Shredding food waste 2:

Marine solid waste shredder shredding meat, fruits and vegetables:


Shredding food waste 3:

Fruits & Vegetable shredder: shredding taro, cabbage, pumpkin:

Fruits & Vegetable shredder: shredding potato, carrot, onion: