Four shaft shredder


The Harden shear type shredder is perfectly suitable for shredding waste plastics and E-waste.
The machine is very robust and built to sustain tough operating conditions without any problem.
Harden shredders are available in different sizes and works perfectly in combiation with other machines.

Technical data of four shaft shredders:

four shaft shredder technical data

The Harden four shaft shredder features:

  • There are several discs mounted on counter-rotating shafts.

    Four shaft shredder

    Four shaft shredder

  • Each of the discs is made of alloy steel or furnished with a tool steel head.
  • The discs can be replaced quickly thanks to the special shaft desig, operate the scrap-shredder easily.
  • The tool steel head is exchangeable quickly and without effort, which results in a significant reduction of tool changing times.
  • The spedific shape of the discs guarantees to crush material with little expenditure of energy, it makes the scrap-shredder to be durable.

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