Product destruction shredder

Product destruction shredder

Harden shredder has been widely applied to Shred and destruct the fakes designers, damaged, disqualified, poor quality, outdated products like: clothing, handbags, shoes, simulated guns,drug, soda and sauce cans etc.

Product destruction shredder: Shredding fake designer handbags:

Product destruction: Fakes designer clothing, handbags shoes shredding by Harden two shaft shredder

Production destruction shredder: Golf balls shredding:

Golf balls shredding

Car lamp shredder

Car lamps shredder

In March, we produce a car lamp shredding line for Valeo Group‘s China’s factory which is a famous company for manufacturing car parts to destroy the disqualified products come to the market.

Product destruction- Labor protection appliance

Product destroy-shredding Helmet

Product destory-shredding Helmet

Labor protection appliance: Helmet, Heard earmuffs,Respirators for 3M company