Pulper tail shredding

Pulper tail shredding-Pulp paper mill waste & ragger wire shredding

Harden offers a variety of low-speed, high-torque shredding solutions for pulp and paper mill waste processing, including ragger wire, to recover steel wire and prepare waste for use as fuel, helping customers generate revenue from ragger wire while reducing disposal costs and preserving the environment.

Paper & Pulp Mill Materials Processed

  • Rag rope
  • Baled corrugated (OCC) or newsprint (ONP)
  • Pulper waste
  • General in-plant waste
  • Paper rolls/fiber cores
  • Wire
  • Slabs
  • Pallets
  • Packaging materials (shrink wrap, banding, etc.)
  • Scrap raw fibers and wood

Working video for pulper-tail shredding:


Pulp waste-ragger wire