Plastic Scrap Granulator

Plastic Scrap Granulator

Plastic scrap granulators are machines used for granulating plastic scrap into small size,

plastic granulator for plastic scrap granlulating

plastic granulator-IM2035

below 10mm, materials such as plastic bottles, boxes, slant and flat scrap, etc.

Harden supplies range of plastic scrap granulator for this applications.

Plastic Scrap Granulator Features

  • High capacity
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Low rpm and low noise
  • Low energy consumption

Plastic Scrap Granulator Options

  1. Hopper sound enclosure
  2. Base sound enclosure
  3. Wheeler or fixed stand
  4. Different hopper and bin shapes
  5. Manual, vacuum, or blower discharge

Plastic Scrap Granulator Specifications


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