Heavy duty single shaft shredder

The Harden single shaft shredder is build for shredding to exactly defined sizes of piece. The effective rotor-stator cutting principle with sieve below for defining the size of material flakes. These solid , highly efficient shredders are the all-rounder for universal fields of application.

Technical data of single shaft shredders:

Heavy duty single shaft shredder features:

  • Electronic control system: Mitsubishi PLC.
  • Screen display when running: run-time, real-time current, fault indications, reversal‚Ķ
  • Machine body: 60mm thickness steel plate welded together, to ensure higher strength and stiffness.
  • NSK Bearing: Famous brand, NSK bearing.
  • Power systems: power system are compose of motor and gearbox, simple installation and easy maintenance.
  • Gap of blades: Adjustable, guarantee reasonable cutting.

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