Light duty single shaft shredder

Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder

The Harden single shaft shredder is build for shredding to exactly defined sizes of piece. The effective rotor-stator cutting principle with sieve below for defining the size of material flakes. These solid , highly efficient shredders are the all-rounder for universal fields of application.

Technical data of single shaft shredder:

light duty shredder technical data

Single shaft shredder features:

  • Options of different rotor/knives design for different applications.

    Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder-SS400

    Light Duty Single Shaft Shredder-SS400

  • Knife disks with overcut for a better distribution of the materials over the whole cutting rotor, thus it is selfl-cleaning and no coiling around the rotor.
  • Fully hardened knives which guarantee long service life.
  • Reversible stator knives, protect the shredder.
  • Optimized cutting geometry with special arrangement of the angles beteween rotor and counter knives.
  • Quickly replaceable cutting knives and sieves, operate the shredder is very easy.

Vedio for showing crush plastic by single shaft shredder:

*Video:crush the plastic block

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